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Updated 9 December 2013

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Competition Gallery - thank you to everyone who took part - don't forget to submit your entry to the next competition from 1st - 25th  October. Details Below


January Launch will be on Saturday 25th January:

Alien Like you (pictured right)


Bad Romance

there will also be a restock of some of the popular polishes

Launch/Restock will be at 6PM on Monday 25th November

I was so excited about my December collection that I announced it almost as soon as I had my promo shots done. Coming up with an exciting collection for December was really important to me as December is my birthday month and it’s Christmas and well… I don’t know. I wanted something a bit different I suppose. I had no ideas for a long time until I posted about favourite songs on one of the nail groups I am in. To say favourite music is diverse would be an incredible understatement but when certain songs from a certain soundtrack came up – I knew what I had to do. Join us for the time of your life!!

Special thanks to Special Girl Nails for the swatches and review


Launch/Restock will be at 6PM on Monday 25th November

Look out for our new December Babies the fairies have been very busy putting that extra sparkle in ready for the festive season.

There may also be a few surprises so 'stay tuned'



14th November

6 pm - 10 pm 20% off

Launch/Restock will be at 6PM on Friday 1st November

The November collection will be launched with new additions to the 'Colour Collection'  as well as some new glitter babies.

Don't forget to order your Christmas collection before they disappear.


'Poison' -  new in the Colour range

Launch/Restock will be at 6PM on Friday 4th Oct.

The October collection will be launched with possibly some surprises. Check out our new retail look meet our Pixies.

In Other October news the new PMP Photo competition is open -


Can't Buy Me Love


OH NO!!! The Pocket Money Polish Pixies have been stowing away in parcels and as we all know pixies are mischievous creatures as well as bringing good luck, so the challenge is this...

Submit a photo to the PMP facebook page showing me what your pixie stowaways have been up to. Pictures must contain PMP polish in one way or another - pictures of mayhem but no polish will not be considered.

The more creative the picture the higher the chance of winning - first prize will be a voucher for the store for one free glitter baby of your choice or may be used as discount towards a shuffle bag or xmas collection (subject to stock availability).

Competition ends October 25th and the winner will be selected by an independent panel of judges.

Christmas Collection - Santa Babies

This collection was released on 21st September

Only available as a set £15

why not have it gift wrapped for that special gift!



On Sunday 8th Sept I will be discontinuing the following polishes: Sunshine, Pina Colada, Firework, Fun (order yours before they disappear)

The following polishes will be moved to a new section called Greatest Hits: Ice Ice Baby, Starry Starry Night


August 2013

RESTOCK 12 August

Due to the successful launch of the 'Summer Fun' collection and the surprise singles we will be doing a restock on 12th August at 6 PM.

The next launch will take place on 1st September 6 PM when we will reveal the new collection

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I am trialing 'Glitter Babies Shuffle' in the store. Like mystery bags these will contain Glitter Babies chosen at random from the Glitter Babies collections. To start with I will be doing shuffles containing two polishes which will retail for £7.50.


Latest Reviews: With thanks to all those that have reviewed these Babies

Reviews of Collaboration and One Hit Wonder Polishes

I Keep Having Dreams (Cinderella Collab with Tara’s Talons)

Reviews Glitter Babies 4: September Sparkle Collection

All 8 bottles of this brand new collection (officially released on September 1st).

UK Nail Runner Glitter Babies 4 - Keep the Faith

UK Nail Runner  Glitter Babies 4 - Angels/Forever

Lane’s Lacquers Glitter Babies 4 - California Dreaming/This is the Life

NuthinButANailThing Glitter Babies 4 - Brown Eyed Girl/Heart of Glass/Eye of the Tiger/This is the Life/California Dreaming/Angels

SpecialGirl Nails Glitter Babies 4 - Eye of the Tiger/This is the Life/Brown Eyed Girl/Forever

So You Beauty Glitter Babies 4 - Brown Eyed Girl

Penny For Them Glitter Babies 4 - This is the Life/Heart of Glass/Wishing on a Star/Keep the Faith/Angels

Reviews August Releases

Lane's Lacquers - Glitter Babies 3 - (It's a kinda) MAGIC

Lane's Lacquers - Glitter Babies 3 - (Blame it on the) BOOGIE

So You Beauty Glitter Babies 3 - (It's a kinda) MAGIC

UK Nail Runner  Glitter Babies 3 - (It's a kinda) MAGIC

NuthinButANailThing Glitter Babies 3 - Complete Collection

Penguins Left Green Polish Glitter Babies 3 - (It's a kinda) MAGIC

Knitty Nails Glitter Babies 3 - (Girls just wanna have) FUN

Penny For Them…  Glitter Babies 3 -  Fun, Boogie, Sea, Glitter Babies 2 - Pretty Woman and Single - I Want Candy

Singles -

Lane’s Lacquers - Glitter Babies Singles - I Want Candy

Lane's Lacquers - Glitter Babies Singles - Wishing on a Star

UKNailRunner - Glitter Babies Singles - I Want Candy

Nail Newbie - Glitter Babies Singles - I Want Candy

Nuthin’ But A Nail Thing - Glitter Babies Singles - I Want Candy

TinkerNails - Glitter Babies Singles - I Want Candy

Indie Nail Blog - Glitter Babies Singles - I Want Candy

Cambridge Nails - Glitter Babies Singles - I Want Candy

Earlier Releases Reviews - Glitter Babies 2 - the collection

I Keep Having Dreams Glitter Babies 2 - Pina Colada

Knitty Nails Glitter Babies 2 - Ice, Ice Baby

So You Beauty  Glitter Babies 2 - Pretty Woman, Summertime, Ice, Ice Baby

Nuthin but a Nail Thing Glitter Babies 2 - The complete summer collection

Lanes Lacquers Glitter Babies 2 - Summertime

Lane’s Lacquers Glitter Babies 2 - Firework

Lane's Lacquers Glitter Babies 1 - My Girl

Special Girl Nails Glitter Babies 2 - Firework

Special Girl Nails Glitter Babies 2 - Pina Colada

Penny For Them  Glitter Babies 2 - My Girl, Starry Starry Night,  Firework and Ice Ice Baby

Loony Platypus Glitter Babies 2 - Pina Colada, Summertime



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